PIE Academy

Learn about water access and supply issues in Florida and Hawaii by applying to join the first PIE Academy — a joint venture with the Wedgworth Leadership Institute and University of Hawaii.

Policy Extension Program

Need information about water policies in a pinch? A new program from the UF/IFAS Center for Public Issues Education helps people access and decipher complicated policy information in the palm of your hand. The PIE Center’s Policy Extension Program, a mobile-friendly website found at piecenter.com/pep, features several tools that help residents understand Florida water policies and provide thoughtful questions that can encourage conversations about water.

What does the public think about endangered & invasive species?

Florida is home to an amazing array of plants, animals and the habitats in which they live and thrive. The PIE Center's newest public opinion survey shows that residents don't feel informed but are passionate about endangered and invasive species.

Biotechnology Literacy & Communication Day

PIE Center research took the stage on May 11 as part of a daylong workshop focusing on communicating about biotechnology, or the science behind genetically modified food. Florida Agricultural Biotechnology Literacy and Communication Day brought together experts in biotechnology and communications to discuss how to connect with audiences that largely do not trust the science.

Next Easy as PIE webinar

October 21 – Storytelling with Self Narrate

Your business is your passion, your life, your values. Storytelling is an essential tool to share your business’ mission and purpose with others. A good story gets your audience’s attention and builds trust in your brand. Self Narrate will help you develop your...
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